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I have been fortunate and acquired a varied spectrum of experience in the field of dementia and it is both my intention and desire to be able to share this to enable others, be they family members, carers, staff and organisations working in this field to encourage and develop strategies to help improve the quality of care for people living with dementia. I have had the great privilege of doing voluntary work in this field for the past year which increased my experience and connected me with relevant individuals and organisations and I have a positive reputation with those I respect.


Some of my experience to date:


• Lay assessor with the care inspectorate

• Council member with Alzheimer Scotland

• Vice Chair of NDCAN (National Dementia Carers Action Network)

• Involvement in making numerous educational and training DVD’s with Alzheimer Scotland and Health Scotland

• Volunteer with Health Scotland

• Volunteer chaplaincy and bereavement support work with Marie Curie

• Speaking at conferences

• Speaking at churches taking Alzheimer Scotland memory bus to raise awareness in church communities

• Publications and articles in Care Inspectorate, newspapers and Alliance magazines

• TV debates involving main political parties

• Funded a dvd of mum and I which I use in training

• Work with Sally Magnusson on her charity using personalised

• Delivery of person centred training

• Published writing of my experience caring for both parents

• Workshop for care inspectors at annual conference


I offer training days which are person centred, always focussed on the person living with dementia. I have 35 years experience working in the social care sector, in a management capacity and delivery of person centred planning. What I offer is simple, effective ways to help improve services and support offered to people with dementia. I also offer staff training for organisations and care homes. Staff care for our most precious people however with cuts and staff shortages, quality of care can be impacted. There are ways to help improve motivation, creativity and person centred care which impact on positive care given to those living with dementia. I can come to you and would be happy to discuss more specifically how I can work with you.


Contacts of those I have worked with,





You can contact me on 077366 72003 or by e mail: carolinebrown268@gmail.com


I look forward to hearing from you.




Caroline Brown has true compassion and a real understanding of dementia. As a carer to both her parents through their journey with dementia she understands the challenges people face more than most. Caroline has responded to this challenge by combining her personal and professional skills and background to develop new intervention techniques and innovative person centred planning methods for people with dementia and their families that are much needed. She has done all of this a volunteer and campaigner and I am delighted that she is now offering this experience to the dementia care field and practitioners through her new consultancy. I am certain you will be more than impressed with what she can offer you and your service.


Henry Simmons CEO Alzheimer Scotland.

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